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Visiting old haunts

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Left New Orleans and headed along the Gulf of Mexico. Brilliant white sand and dark blue ocean - fabulous. A quick stay in a place called Gulf shores then on through Pensacola. 30 years ago I had stayed there and had a night drinking at a place called Maguires. One of its key defining features was a double decker bus (painted green outside). As I recall it was a little out of town but that was 30 years ago. Now it is a huge place but the bus is still there. Since it was New Year's Eve the place was already rammed at lunchtime so I decided not to go in for lunch.

On the way out of Pensacola there was another green double decker bus advertising the pub and then another Maguires with another bus in the next town - so not quite as unique as I had thought.

Paid a $1 toll to ride the 15 - 20miles alongside the Pensacola beach - well worth it, and then headed off to Panama City beach for New Year.

I got chatting to the owner of the motel I was staying at who was delighted at my trip, photographed the bike in front of his motel and even said that I could stay another night for free! Fabulous hospitality.

Unfortunately time is now marching on (I crossed into my final time zone) and so I had to head on across to Daytona beach to get to Miami and sort out the shipping.

Daytona is home to a bike week (feel free to google or look it up on YouTube) and there were lots of bikers everywhere. Generally riding Harley-Davidson's and not wearing helmets. A spot of dinner in a place called the Pig Shed (ribs) and then a ride down Main Street to see what it was like in the biker bars. Turned out it was a name that tune quiz night!

So almost at the end of my trip. Staying in an Airbnb RV trailer for the experience and planning the final few days.

I thought this bus was unique 25 years ago - I was wrong!

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2 Σχόλια
05 Ιαν 2020

Hi, I left you a message a couple of days ago (I hope). Its a shame we couldn't catch up.

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03 Ιαν 2020

Ed, if you are in Daytona Beach, & on your way to Miami, WE are in Jensen Beach through Saturday morning, Then in Savannah GA,Sat night and on, Robert-Scot lives in Savannah with family Can you arrange to make even a one night stop in Savannah GA Scot has room for you to stay Lincoln & I have 2 spare bedrooms at our house around the corner from Robert-Scot.

Would love to get together. Last time we were in England we saw your Mum & Dad at Ruth & Mikes house Cell phone 508-725 -5237 you can ring or text us.Sheila Kraeuter.

Μου αρέσει
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