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Success and Failure

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

After Los Angeles time to get to the bottom right corner of the USA - San Diego. Long ride down due to following the pacific highway. The bike felt a little vague as I entered San Diego on a Friday evening - I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

Beautiful morning, so headed out to a drone shop to buy a drone. Rode back - time to check the bike. Front pressure fine, rear down a little - then I noticed the nail. Since it was getting later in the day it was unlikely I could get it seen on Saturday and hoping the nail hadn't gone through to the inner tube I lifted it out - pssssssttt! A rapidly deflating back tyre.

No problem, I brought spare inner tubes - lets replace it. Wheel came off, but now the hard bit, getting the tyre off the safety bead. Despite standing on the rim, no joy. Flash of inspiration, use the weight of a bench outside the hostel to push the tyre into the rim well - great success. After a while the tube was removed and new one added. Levered the tyre back on and then fumbled my way through putting it back on the bike.

The rear calliper looked odd but I was struggling to get the right muffler on and forgot about it. Finally all back together - test ride. Then clump! I tore the rear hose out because I forgot to hook the calliper onto a nodule on the rear swing-arm - super dumb! More pushing and pulling I managed to get the calliper on but now I don't have a working rear brake. Its not the end of the world as the rear is mainly used for modulating slow speeds but annoying.

After trouble free riding across Europe and Asia the US has had a shoulder dislocation and now this!

So San Diego Triumph doesn't open until Tuesday and so I will ride over and get it sorted then with a bit of luck. On the upside I am at a beach side hostel - so every cloud has a silver lining.


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