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Another motorcycling blog about travelling around the world!

The Roots

Hi, I'm Ed / Ted and I got into motorcycles during my early twenties (Yamaha RD125LC being my first bike).  Then wanderlust took me and off I went to Australia, bought a Kawasaki GT550 and set off up and down the east coast of Oz, until I fell off!

Well after reading Ted Simon's wonderful book, Jupiter's Travels and being inspired by some wonderful people (Itchyboots, Onherbike, Nathanthepostman) and having a some time and money brought on my redundancy, then I thought why not get on the bike and ride.  I mean... how hard can it be!


This is primarily a personal record, but if you like it smile!

Oh and the picture above ? - Near Smoo Cave whilst doing the North Coast 500.  A trip everyone in the UK should try once.

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