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Hoovering up the Grand Canyon

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Time to leave Vegas (the Ellis Island Brewery being my stay point here - great food and beer) and head East.

Grand Canyon West was the intended destination but on the way I spotted signs for the Hoover dam and so decided to make a detour to the art deco masterpiece. I rode across it (after a security stop to confirm I didn't have any firearms) and the Hoover dam is selfie central! Didn't have much time to linger and headed off to the Canyon through some Joshua Tree forests.

The Canyon is a bit of a tourist trap (£60 to view the canyon) but I suppose it is the major money spinner for the native Indians. Given the price I wasn't too sure about it but I have to say it is magnificent - almost unreal, definitely a wonder of the world and well worth the visit. The cost included a bus ride to 3 locations with the last one being the most impressive. Unfortunately I knocked my camera to manual focus so the pictures aren't that sharp. (So some post processing is required).

Stayed in a tiny town called Kingman then off to Sonoran national monument below Phoenix. The Sonoran desert is home to the typical cactus's you see in films, 1 straight up stalk with U shaped loops spreading out from the central pillar. Unfortunately it was overcast and hard to get a good picture.

At Phoenix I did a homestay with an ex US soldier (who brought a German wife back from his stay in Europe). Shot some pool in the evening with him and had a relaxing time.

Time has been marching on, so a ride through the New Mexico desert and then the scrub and ranch lands of Texas to a place called Del Rio. Target New Orleans in the next few days.

I wish I had taken more photos of the desert...but I was just enjoying the moment.

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