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Recovering and moving on

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Decided to spend 3 days in Gerberville to recover before moving on. It was a small town and not much to do or see. There was one bar, it served pizza and so Monday night football with a few beers. Football being American football - the Seattle Seahawks vs the Minnesota Vikings. A close game and a good watch. I got chatting to a guy called Tom who used to play rugby and used to be a carpenter but now he farms cannabis! (It's legal in California).

I was getting a bit stir crazy and so finally moved, heading down to Sacramento. On the way I took a quick riding break for a coffee at starbucks. A chap called Tim complemented my bike (he has a Harley Davidson) and offered to buy me a coffee. He was driving down from Idaho to California for a prescription for his back. Apparently he can't shift his insurance and so he has to drive 1,300 miles every 3 months for his prescription. "Only in America".

Sacramento is the state capital of California. I booked in at a YHA in the city centre (right next to City Hall). A magnificent old building and great place to stay. Unfortunately my day in the city was spent searching for chargers and adapters. (I've left my phone charger, adapter and watch in various motels). Finding an adapter for a UK 3 pin plug in the US took a while.

After some torrential rain I headed towards San Francisco and over the golden state bridge. Didn't fancy staying there and so have moved further on to Monterey. Home of the Leguna Seca raceway!

The Californian coast is magnificent.

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