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Back in business

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I now have the bike from the shippers. Part of the shipping process is that the battery must be disconnected and the petrol syphoned from the tank. With the help of a couple who had also shipped their bike across from Vladivostok, I got some petrol, wired up the battery and time to press the start button...…...nothing! Tried again....nothing. Time to check the Haynes manual I carry in my panniers, damp spark plugs from the washing, fuel valve ?? Nope … non of those things and still scratching my head. "Are you sure the bike is in neutral ?" asked the other guy. Ah......brrruuummm. , fired up straight away! How on earth did I ever manage to get across Russia!

Given it's pretty cold, it was time to cross the USA border and head south. Unfortunately it took 3 hours to get across. The immigration process is straightforward and all the officers were super helpful and interested in the trip but it took a while to get to see them. People in front.. expired visa, then an overstayer, another one who's photograph didn't look like him... good grief.

Anyway, in Seattle now.. time to sort out a USA SIM card and book the bike in for a service somewhere along the line.

The Airbnb where I was staying had some fine views over Lake Washington.

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Nov 26, 2019

Hows it going today ?

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