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My first accident.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Headed from Crescent City down the 101. Unlike the last few days the weather was overcast and getting increasingly windy and spots of rain. On the way down I took little detours to the state park campgrounds to see what they are like, but most seemed closed. Got a bit bored of the highway and headed off the main road to the coast via a nice little place called Ferndale. It was blowing a gale by now and there was a small road to the coast (deemed unsuitable for most vehicles - so perfect I thought). Riding these small roads to the little villages Capetown and Petrolia reminded me a lot of the north coast of Scotland. Running out of fuel, I headed to a little place called Honeydew and then across a wooden bridge towards highway 101.

Climbing into the mountains resulted hitting the snowline. There were some landslides and fallen down trees to avoid on the way and the road became slushy. My new tyres (Avon Roadriders) are designed to wet weather and they kept me upright. After a cold and windy few miles I dropped into the Humboldt redwood state park. Beautiful area with stunning views and smell of the trees.

I was riding the single track out when on a corner I came across a pickup truck coming the other way. I swerved the truck at low speed but stalled the bike. Didn't manage to catch the bike and I came off, landing on my shoulder and breaking one of my handguards (it's what they are for).

My left arm felt numb and I couldn't lift it, but after 10 minutes of recovering I headed to the 101. The rain was falling heavily and I was losing feeling in my left hand so I pulled off the side of the road to stay at a roadside Inn. Gingerly took off my jacket - dislocated shoulder!

No doctor in the little town, and so stayed the night at the inn, didn't sleep and so at 8 am headed down the 101 to Gerbersville and a community hospital. I don't recommend riding with a dislocated shoulder! - Lots of pain and no strength to pull clutch.

Community hospital had no patients and I was seen straight away. After a few X-rays, Fentanyl, my shoulder was popped back in. (The popping back in involved the doctor putting his foot in my arm pit and pulling and twisting the arm repeatedly until I heard a large crunch as the shoulder popped back in).

The doctor was a biker as well so a nice chat with him and they let me keep my gear and bike locked in the hospital grounds while I recover.

So here I am in a motel in Gerberville, small town USA. Once the soreness subsides I will head further South.

Life's an adventure.


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1 Comment

Dec 02, 2019

Holy moly! Makes a fascinating update but a whole night and riding dislocated!! Mend quick and take care.

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