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A change in the weather

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Now on the gulf coast the weather has changed from cold and dry to hot and humid. Moisture condenses on the bike as it is left overnight and there are sporadic (warm) showers.

A quick stop in Corpus Christie to check out USS Lexington (a WWII Essex class aircraft carrier - apparently none were ever sunk) and then on to Houston (riding past endless oil refineries} then on to New Orleans. (On a highway raised on concrete stilts to pass the swamp, or is that bayou).

It has been 30 years since I was last in the Big Easy when I did Camp America (well BUNAC). It is pretty much as I remember it - sleazy, fun, scammers and hawkers everywhere. I rode into the centre trying to find where I was staying but they had actually closed the road the hostel was on. So a bit of riding around trying to find a secure place to park was punctuated by road closures to let processions pass. On this particular occasion a marriage procession led by the bride and groom, followed by a jazz playing brass band and then the rest of the people dancing their way along the street with glow sticks, ball gowns and dinner jackets.

I had 2 impromptu stops to let these processions past - apparently this happens all the time.

So a couple of days here then on to Florida and time to sort out the shipping of the vehicle.

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